Financial wellness and member engagement are buzzwords among retirement plan sponsors and advisors. However, few seem able to describe just what engagement is, let alone how it impacts retirement readiness.

Engagement can be measured. You can benchmark it with other retirement plans and systems. And, engagement research can help you achieve measurable results in your members’ retirement readiness.

A Relational Gravity solution tailored to you

You pick it. Our four-tiered approach is designed to meet your needs and match your resources.

  • Do It Yourself: We’ll assist you in setting up an in-house system of engagement surveying, leaving you trained, confident and empowered to gather and analyze the data.
  • Basic: Relational Gravity sets up and manages a system of engagement surveying for you. We’ll be responsible for gathering data and providing a basic summary to you.
  • Insights: In addition to the Basic service, Relational Gravity provides you a multi-element report of basic descriptive statistics. Also, you will receive a relationship analysis of items that correlate with or drive engagement, and a recommended focus most likely to drive engagement among your participants.
  • Insights +: In addition to Basic and Insights service, Relational Gravity will provide you:
    • Our proprietary decision model questions and analysis
    • Engagement action questions and analysis
    • A comprehensive engagement strategy analysis and recommendation

Contact us for more information on customizing research to your needs.